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Professionals On Pact

We owe a team who work with mastery in domains, professionalism and caliber who are all time enthusiasts and devoted to work. You may be in need of professionals in specific domain at any crucial time for your establishment, worry not, we provide IT Staffing on pact basis!

  • Experts that match your requirements.
  • Available on pact basis.
  • Trusted quality service providers.

Our Process

From planning, selection, recruitment to training and promotions,
we do it in order.


Manpower Planning

We always have a plan at our hand. We determine what sort of professionals our Clients may be in need of for the near future. Assessing the requirements of job profiles, the qualification of candidates to be considered are all laid down clearly.

We chart out the final manpower planning keeping in mind both the workload and workforce analysis.



This is where our actual process starts. We hunt for professionals on a war footing. We begin it in search of prudent candidates and trigger them to apply for apt job profiles.

Majorly we find out for the reliable sources from where we may find the desired experts.



This is one of the vital phases. We select based upon the talent of available pool of candidates. Few are phased out of this process if deemed to be incapable for the profile.

We have a tight selection procedure which finally gives the best results and the best professionals.



Placing the candidates to the apt position is placement. It's decided by two factors. One, whether the candidate has required domain expertise and eminent skills or not.

Second, if the candidate best fits in into the need of the organization.



Technology keeps evolving every day. Within minutes many new things come out. To keep the professionals inclined to it, suitable training is a must.

Training is the phase that serves as vital input of skills so that they become efficient to work. We assure to provide best off training so that they bring out the best out of themselves while they serve you.



Development is a matter which everyone aspires for. As no one likes to be at stagnation. Providing apt opportunities to grow is the mission of any serious personnel.

Therefore, in this phase we figure out how development opportunities can be given out. Also, personnel development ultimately leads to organization reach heights.



Professionals experience happiness ultimately only when they get the fruits out of their reckless striving. Promoting to higher ranks and responsibilities at regular intervals keeps up the spirit of any hardworking personnel.

Apt increment in wages and incentives need be given. All these are judged by their performance record.



It literally means transferring them from one location to another. This is usually done without giving any increments. Also, has to be carried out on regular basis as they get to experience to work in vivid environments.



Here, we asses and discuss the skills and aptitude of the working personnel. Depending on this discussion it becomes easier to figure out how the bonuses or increments can be given and know their expectations.


Determination of Remuneration

Deciding remunerations forms the crucial and quite a challenging task. It's decided on the basis of the skills and domain expertise the candidate holds. Also, their performance is thoroughly investigated before finalizing it.