Responsive Web Design

Fool proof Solution

We ensure it stands still in all sorts of intended environment to make it largely sustainable and best fit to function for the intent it was developed. Also, we consider meeting the desirable outcomes as per all the stakeholder's expectation.

  • Fool proof solution that runs swiftly.
  • The product primed to perform hassle free.
  • Leaving no exceptions unturned, a sound 360 degree check.

Our Process

It's a systematic and transparent process, by taking one step at a time.


Requirement Analysis

It's vital to know the prior info of various pre requisites before beginning. All the specifications and functionalities are check listed. If any functionality is unable to be tested, it's clearly communicated with the concerned team to look into and chalk it out.


Test Planning

This is the phase wherein we actually start figuring out a perfect testing plan. This is a priority step. All strategies have to be framed in here. Different modules are assigned to different individuals with a unique plan to carry out testing.

All the criteria such as resources available, tools, environment in which to carry out, schedule etc are scoped.


Test Case Development

This is quite an interesting phase which requires analysis. Here different set of test cases, inputs, are framed. These are subjected to verification and validation.

Test data plays crucial role to make the end process more viable. The test cases are reviewed and checked if they can find defects effectively. No exception has to be left unconsidered.


Environment Setup

Required hardware and software, test servers, different browsers and their versions, network configurations, etc are vital to be considered.

Well, also few tests require complex environment configurations as well. This phase can also be carried out inlined with the previous one. This phase forms the base to perform the next.


Test Execution

This is the chapter in which the actual execution is carried. Executing the code and checking if the results are viable. Also, comparing it with the desired output expected.

Once, all the exceptions are tested and errors fixed, again it's re-executed to check if it stands still and accurate.


Test Cycle Closure

This marks the concluding phase. Wherein, a report is to be chalked out and submitted. Before which a small discussion analyzing and evaluating the entire process of testing needs to be carried out.

The report is prepared only after checking if the desired result is met, hassle less.